Don't Give Up On Your Hot Girl Summer Just Yet

August 13, 2019


Ready to throw in the towel on your Hot Girl Summer? Seeing all your friends getting boo’d up
and ready to call it quits? Get back on the boat ladies, the ship hasn’t docked yet!
I think a lot of us have the definition of a Hot Girl confused. Its not all about playing the guys
and taking their money. Now if they’re offering you the money by all means take it, but lets
remember what Meg said.

“Yes, I’m in my bag but I’m in his too. And that’s why every time you see me I got some new

Meg said she’s in her bag, so you should be too! Use this summer to network, secure that job or internship you want, start that blog or YouTube channel that you’ve been thinking about. And
yes while securing the bag is important, lets not forget about self care. Being a Hot Girl is all
about balance. So while you’re taking a break from collecting your coins try reading a book,
going to the beach, or spending a night out with your girls.


I know y’all saw that picture Megan posted with her boo, so yes you can be a Hot Girl and have
a relationship too. Was your last relationship toxic? Well try loving without fear in this one, go
on spontaneous date nights, and secure the bag together.

If you’re single use this time to figure out what makes you happy, and what your passionate
about. The summer is a great time to heal and let go of past hurts while you’re out of school.
After all a Hot Girl knows that her mental health is important. Don’t get me wrong, you can
definitely be a Big Ole Freak this summer (We’re not judging), but lets make sure we’re making
healthy decisions both physically and mentally.

In basic terms being a Hot Girl is about being you! You can have a Hot Girl summer by laughing a little harder, smiling wider, loving deeper, trying out new things, staying in or partying just a little harder than before. Be selfish this summer, and put you first. This summer isn’t over yet ladies, so get your head in the game and be the Hot Girl you were always destined to be!

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