New Year, New Expectations

What’s up 2021?

Where do I start? The year before you, 2020, taught most of us to expect the unexpected. 2020 was anticipated to be “the year” and it sure did live up to being the year. Some people were expecting greater and better in this year, including myself, but it all came crashing down when the coronavirus hit the whole entire world. Some folks’ slogan for 2020 was the YEAR of 20/20 vision. I can count how many times I heard that. It was a year of seeing things more clearly and bettering our life journey. Something about those numbers brings a sense of newness and ambition for greatness and hope for a fresh start. 2021 is our chance to an unconventional way to a fresh start. 2021 is almost like the comeback year. Some have their expectations on a high pedestal to redeem themselves for the year they didn’t see coming but still expecting the unexpected just in case things go left like the year before (God forbid!). The arrival of a fresh new year will not erase everything that was not right in 2020, which is totally fine, because some things happen for a reason. If I can be honest, 2020 wasn’t ALL that bad. I agree that some unfortunate things happened that were really disheartening, traumatic and sad. It really took our lives out of whack and the ordinary. But you are STILL HERE. Still living, breathing, seeing, talking, walking. You have the great ability to still do what you desire to do. It taught us how precious time is and to focus on the things that matter and bring you peace. 2020 was definitely history making. As I reflect, one of the triumphant history made events that happened was Kamala D. Harris became the First Black Woman Vice President of the United States of America. She is the first presidential candidate who is a daughter of Jamacian and Indian immigrants. Shout out to new leadership (Hooray!). So excited to see what this new administration plans to do for the American people.

We are still enduring the long journey for coronavirus to decrease in all countries and to be washed off the face of the earth. But until then everyone should stay masked up the best way they can. We are gradually progressing back to some type of normalcy in our lives, whether it is going back to work in a building, students being allowed back in school, or attending sporting events. In 2021, it is still good to have hope, but it also important to have personal and realistic expectations. We have one month down and 11 more to go. Center yourself on the things you can control, instead of what you can’t control. Make time for self-care so you can thrive the best way you can. Stay hopeful for the things and if you get rerouted, it is just a minor setback for a major comeback.

Be Smart and Stay Safe Curlfriends!

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