New Fashion Trends to Try for Spring!

Spring is upon its arrival! This means warmer weather, trees begin to grow their leaves, flowers begin to bloom, and your options in clothing will most likely change to a lighter material. Less layering and a little more skin but at your own risk. When I think of spring fashion and trends, I think about bright, pastel, neon, and warm colors-- kind of like Easter Sunday-ish colors, but that comes from my childhood upbringing, dressing up every Easter and the different bright colors I would see people wearing. Transitioning into a new season not only changes your choice of clothing but the coloring of your nails or shape of them. It also sparks new hair color or hairstyles and new accessories. A new season can switch up your entire look giving you free range to wear what you desire.

Before writing this blog post, I did some research about what the fashion experts predicted for the upcoming 2021 spring season. I did this to get another perspective about spring fashion instead of going by my own knowledge. As I mentioned before, pastels are a trendy color when it comes to the spring season but have you ever heard about “Sorbet Pastel Tones?” I never heard about this type of tone before, but it is basically the same as regular pastel family colors, but they are supposed to better suit a wide variety of skin tones. While finding the best pastel to fit your hue, you can pair it with a feather trimmed dress or pants. Feather trim is one of the trends for this spring. It’s kind of ironic to wear feathers in the spring and be trendy but I can see it as a look as long as it is styled correctly.

In today’s climate with the coronavirus, a black face mask is a look and an accessory. In the world of 2021, a black face mask is a trend and can match almost any outfit you wear and can still safely protect you from any virus. Adding a pop of color to the wardrobe when you step out is key. Yellow bags are in season this year. Whether it’s a hobo or crossbody purse, it is timeless and easy to recreate. There many shades to choose from that suit your taste, and they look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues. Another, easy going trend is knit sets. Knit sets are usually lightweight and can come as a pants, skirt, or shorts set. These sets can be styled as a chill or spicy look for the season. It’s totally optional to add these items to your closet for the season but it will add some pop to your wardrobe. For more spring fashion inspiration, check out some of these websites!

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