Member of the Month: Naomi Bethel

Did you know that Campus Curlz has some outstanding members? Well, now you know! Campus Curlz at Hampton University is back again with the Member of the Month where we like to show love and appreciation to our members by highlighting their accomplishments and what they contribute to the organization. For the month of November, Campus Curlz Member of the Month is Naomi Bethel. Ms. Bethel is a third year nursing major from Philadelphia, PA. She recently helped host a Instagram live where she gave tips and educated the viewers about hair care in the winter time during Campus Curlz week. Let’s learn a little bit more Naomi with a Q&A!

What was your reaction when you were chosen for Campus Curlz Member of the Month?

I was shocked and excited.

Why did you join Campus Curlz?

I joined campus curlz not only because I have a passion for natural hair, but I love the community service and the empowerment of women and men on campus. I loved their events on campus and I wanted to join in. When I first went natural, I was not supported by my family or some of the friends around me. I wanted to be the change that lets every girl or guy know that you should not be ashamed of your natural hair and instead embrace it.

What is your fondest memory being a member of Campus Curlz?

My fondest memory was receiving my Campus Curlz certificate. It really emphasized my accomplishment and I was excited to see how this organization would grow. My other fondest memory was when all of us made a few tik toks; it was fun and I really felt bonded with the people I was surrounded with.

Do you enjoy writing? And what gets your creativity flowing?

I used to love writing in highschool, but I drifted away from it in college. Then I took an english class where my teacher made us journal about certain topics or even how our day was. It helped me in so many ways and made me realize that I should try to write again. Music definitely helps to kickstart my creativity. Sometimes certain genres of music help with different pieces. For example R&B usually helps me to write about love or loss while hip hop makes me want to write something deep and powerful.

What are your plans after you finish undergrad?

My plan after undergrad is to achieve my dream job of becoming a pediatric nurse. I also plan to grow my business Nomi Care into a successful black owned business that focuses on confidence, self care, and love. I would also love to travel and see the world especially Greece or Brazil. Finally I would love to be a health coach for those with Sickle Cell disease and create books that help those with Sickle Cell achieve their dreams no matter the obstacle.

What have you learned about yourself during your third year at (virtual) Hampton?

I learned so many things about myself! I learned that I am stronger than I think, wiser that I think, more outgoing than I think. I learned that individuality is more important than following the crowd. I learned that I need to focus on my own passions more than someone else's. I also learned the power of friendship and family. I was so blessed to receive a group of friends who love and support me.

Fun Questions!

What is your favorite type of food to eat?

Chicken Piccata, I know I’m a little bougie.

Who is your favorite music artist(s)?

Polo G, Summer Walker, Queen Naija, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch

Who is your favorite actor/actress? and why?

Zendaya's role on Euphoria was incredible. She is a 24 year old successful african american women who shines in everything she does

What do you like the most about your natural hair?

I love everything! The way it shines in the light, the unorganized curls that seem to be perfectly organized to me, the shape, EVERYTHING! It is my crown what’s not to love about it.

For Self Care Sunday you demonstrated some of your yoga skills; how did you get into yoga?

I was working out in the student center one day and I walked past the aerobics room with people with mats in weird positions. It was filled with older people so I didn’t know it was for Hampton students. Then I randomly saw an email that stated that Hampton students could attend. So I decided to do it! I wanted to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Ever since sophomore year I have grown to love yoga.

Did you discover any new talents or hobbies during quarantine?

During quarantine I started a business called Nomi Care and I found out how much I love beauty and self care. I have also started to paint much more and I have a new found love for it.