Hampton U Member of the Month

Campus Curlz has some extraordinary members in our chapters across college campuses in the United States. We live by our slogan “Hard Work, Soft Curlz” in the classroom and in our communities. At Hampton University, we like to show love and appreciation to our members by highlighting their accomplishments and what they contribute to the organization. For the month of October, Campus Curlz Member of the Month is Kennedi Jackson. She is a graduating senior journalism major and leadership studies minor. Jackson has been a member of Campus Curlz since her freshman year. She currently serves as the Editor-In-Chief. Let’s get to know Miss Jackson a little more with a fun Q&A!

Q1: How does it feel to be the Campus Curlz Member of the Month?

Answer: I’m so honored! It feels great to be spotlighted and I’m appreciative of being chosen because it feels like my work is being recognized.

Q2: What are your plans this year with the Campus Curlz blog?

Answer: Because we haven’t really used the blog the past couple years, I really just wanted to get it back up and running. Throughout the year, I hope to aid the writers in creating fun and interactive pieces, to write about things they are passionate about, and just get some traction for the blog. I hope that after I graduate it will still be in use because I think it’s a great platform for members to be expressive.

Q3: What is your fondest memory being a member of Campus Curlz?

Answer: I’m not sure I have one single memory, but I’ve loved the bonding events and Curlz Night Out. Being able to engage with the other members as well as have fun events for others on campus to see all the amazing work the organization does is super rewarding.

Q4: Do you enjoy writing? And what gets your creativity flowing?

Answer: Yes! I love writing for work, in my free time, literally anything. Like anybody I get writing blocks but when I get an idea, I just get my creativity flowing by sitting down and writing out everything that pops in my head. That way I don’t forget anything and then later I can go back and make it better.

Q5: What do you want people to remember about Kennedi Jackson when you leave Hampton University?

A: It may be cliche but I want them to remember my energy. I want people to remember how I made them feel, and all the things I put my energy into doing. I want to be able to impact others in a positive way and I hope that I’ve been able to during my time here.

Fun Questions!

Q6: Who is your favorite music artist(s)?

Answer: Hmm I always find new people, but right now some of my favorites to listen to are Young Thug, Ari Lennox, and H.E.R.

Q7: If you could travel the world for a whole year who would you choose to go with you?

Answer: Probably my sister

Q8: What is your dream job?

Answer: Editor-in-chief for a black-owned magazine

Q9: What is your favorite quote?

Answer: One of my favorites is “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” by Henry Ford

Q10: If you could have an endless supply of TWO hair products what would they be? And what hairstyles do you like to do?

Answer: Ooo that’s a hard one. I’d probably say Curlz Cashmere & Caviar Hair Masque and Lotta Boddy’s Moisturize Me curl & style milk (campus curlz actually pmo to both of these lol). My favorite natural style is a wash & go, or a high bun when I don’t feel like doing it. My go-to protective style is braids.