Don't Touch My Hair

I don’t think y’all get it when I say

Don’t. Touch. My. Hair.

My hair is a crown not a hands on tutorial

To teach you what it feels like

Cause all I can feel is my body cringe at the sight of your fingers

Or the sound my hair makes when

You think it’s okay to touch

I am a lion derived with curls

Touch me and I will attack

Attack back

So watch your hands or shall I say watch your back

The audacity

The audacity to pull my braid

The audacity to dishonor my honor

The audacity to hate my black beauty

The audacity to part my hair just like you’re trying to part my community

The audacity

My hair is wild, it shall not be tamed

My hair is free, it shall not be burned

My hair is my love, it shall not see hate

I am its protector

Its provider

Oh y’all thought hair was easy

Sprinkle of water with a dash of love yeah it might be okay

But when a touch of curiosity hits my being

It hurts.

Oh y’all thought hair was easy

But naw it is a generational beauty that we have to upkeep

A generational beauty that we have to hold high!

Our curls grow towards the sun for a reason

The words don’t touch my hair

Four words

12 letters

Might be the shortest anthem I know

So no, I don’t think y'all get it it when I say

Don’t Touch My Hair