Covid-19's Impact on Hampton Black Owned Businesses

Many of you know that Covid- 19 has had a big impact on the economy and the well-being of many small business owners. Business owners on Hampton’s campus had a lot to say about Covid- 19 and its effects on their business endeavors. One of them being Quentin Davis, a third year business management major from Philadelphia, Pa. Quentin Davis is the proud owner of Dontè Dinero, a luxury streetwear brand for the everyday fashion enthusiast. “Covid has made it hard for many reasons. For example, getting new inventory from overseas takes a lot longer. Not only inventory, but shipping actual orders take a little longer,” stated Davis. He says that it is harder not being able to connect with customers in person. It is important to build relationships with your customers and it seems like Covid has broken it.

On the other hand, the owner of Dezzy Designz, Destiny Love, a third year 5 year NBA student from New Jersey, says, “In a weird way, Covid-19 has brought more attention to my business. At times it’s a little difficult making sales because during this time a lot of people are losing or have lost their main source of income. But, my business has grown since the virus.” As she stated, many Americans have been suffering financially and it is hard to catch their attention when they have so much financial stress to deal with.

On the flip side, there has been an increase in online sales because people want to stay home and protect themselves from the virus. This gives many small business owners the opportunity to catch their audience online and through social media platforms. Deja Bingenheimer, a May 2020 graduate of Hampton University from Atlanta, Georgia, had a combination of both good and bad effects of Covid. Deja Bingenheimer is the owner of Luxe Illumination, which is a candle business that provides candles with a cause! She has a featured candle each month to bring awareness to a cause and 10% of its proceeds are donated to a correlating organization.“Covid-19 has helped and harmed my business. More people are staying home and wanting sources of comfort, so candle sales increased exponentially, which brought a bigger demand for my products. Covid-19 has also harmed me due to the fact that many of my suppliers are short on supplies. I need to create my candles, which causes a longer wait time for my customers. USPS also had some issues which has also caused a longer wait time,” said Bringenheimer.

Through all of these struggles, these three business owners have stayed positive. Quentin Davis says, “My main goal in 2021 is to stay consistent and work on my brand EVERYDAY. Even if it’s a small task, it’s one step closer to achieving my long term goals. Other small goals such as drop new inventory at least once a month or twice every two months, hit a specific amount of profit every month and have more photo shoots.” Destiny Love states that her goal is “ More Sales!” Deja Bingenheimer says her goal is, “To create innovative ways to market my candles and donate at least $1000 to the different causes I support.” It is so important to have goals to keep you on track and on the road to success. Sounds like these three have their eyes on the sky!

Advice from your Fellow Hampton University Business Owners:

Quentin Davis - Donte Dinero

“Continue to manifest your dreams but show up for work! You get what exactly you work for & if you continue to work on your business, it’ll strive.”

Instagram: Donte.Dinero Twitter: Dontedineroo website:

Destiny Love- Dezzy Designz

“Stay consistent! This is the biggest piece of advice I can give. It may be a little frustrating at times, but everyone is going through something right now. You just gotta keep going and find different ways to stand out.”

Instagram: Dezzy.Designz Website:

Deja Bingenheimer- Luxe Illumination

“Know that everyone is going through the same thing and your customers are going to be understanding as long as you efficiently communicate!”

Instagram: Luxe.illumination Website: Etsy: Luxeillumination

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