CC Week: Earth Day Showcase

This past week, The Hampton University Chapter celebrated Campus Curlz week! For members and non members, we were able to celebrate and show appreciation during that week. HU Campus Curlz had an interactive week with their members and other Hamptonians with a lineup of different activities for the week. This action week included topics about daily hair maintenance tips, black hair trivia game night, yoga class, product battle for the spotlight, and the earth day service showcase. Out of all these fun and informative events, the Earth Day showcase gave the curlfriends insight of how we can contribute to helping the earth by using what we already have by preserving and reusing our natural hair products and the containers that they come in. Jayla James, who serves as the Community Service Chair, went live to do a short chit chat on Instagram live sharing tips of how we can reduce waste with our hair products.

Some of her tips included on our wash days how we can lessen the amount of water we use by turning the water on and off when we need to rinse our hair. This tip can help to eliminate waste and conserve energy and water. Another tip that she shared is checking the ingredients in your hair products. Check to see if there are any harmful chemicals and try a natural alternative like a shampoo bar which doesn’t come in a plastic container but wrapped in some form of paper or cardboard packing. Also, looking at the bottom of your products to see if there is the recyclable logo on it. Before ending the Instagram live, she demonstrated a trend that was on Tik Tok of how you can stretch the usage of your hair gel if you are running low. All you need is water, hair gel, and a spoon or fork to stir with. We were able to see with her live demonstration that mixing water and hair gel together creates more gel. This is a cool hair hack to try and know about if you’re running low or you want to save some money before buying a new bottle of your favorite hair gel.

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