Campus Curlz Hampton U Paint and Sip Recap

Self care is the best care, right? Whether it’s therapy, exercising, reading a book, doing a face mask, painting or whatever it may be, taking time for yourself is essential for your everyday well being. Campus Curlz had the opportunity to take a mid week break from our routine school schedule for a Paint and Sip night. The Paint and Sip night was hosted by Campus Curlz Alum Jasmine Macklin, who served as the Second Curl Ambassador at Hampton University. Macklin is the creator and founder of A Blooming Jasmine, which is an outlet for expression through art therapy. She was fully on board and excited to do the painting event.

“I had a great time facilitating and being in the company of my Campus Curlz family," said Macklin. "It is so important that we find a way to pour our energy into something beautiful. Art can be a great escape to those who need a positive distraction”.

This was a great way to see other Hampton curlfriends virtually. This event was a fun and relaxing way to paint virtually, and for some of us, this was the first time doing it this way. Nia Bridges, who attended the event, is a member and Program Director at Hampton University. She loved the paint party and gave it a 10/10.

“We got to see our previous VP Jasmine so that made it all the more special. Also, during these difficult times it is always nice to be able to have an event where everyone can unwind”.

Prior to the event, there was a set list of supplies needed and recommendations to get for the paint party. Macklin instructed us through the whole process of creating our masterpiece while sipping on our drink of choice. Macklin describes the painting as “Queen’n in Her Own World” because everyone had the liberty of choosing the color scheme of their own background. So each Queen was unique to each artist. Through our art expression we were able to cast our mental and physical stress or burdens from the week and tap into our inner artistic skills to create a beautiful painting.

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