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Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence

On October 15th, the University of Pennsylvania’s Curlhood was able to share information and have a very beneficial discussion concerning domestic violence and what can be done to combat it. In the same way that Campus Curlz fosters a community in which both men and women are supported by their Curlhood community, the survivors of DV should feel the support from the people they know, or even the ones they don’t know. One organization that provides support for women in life-changing situations is Women in Transition. To participate in Campus Curlz’ national day of service, the UPenn Chapter conducted a bake sale from which all of the proceeds were donated to Women in Transition. Monetary donations can make a life-changing difference for those in need, but there are countless other ways to combat domestic violence. So, to finish off Domestic Violence Awareness Month, on October 30th, Campus Curlz conducted a campaign on Locust Walk to ask the community: “What can one do to mitigate domestic violence?”

Even though Domestic Violence Awareness has ended, it is important that the conversation concerning this very serious topic never stops. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) affects millions of people per year with the majority of those affected being women. With all of these facts in mind, it makes me wonder: what can be done about it?

Many victims of domestically violent situations often suffer in silence because of the lack of support. The biggest thing that we can all do individually is to be a support team for your friends or family. “Be an ally.” You don’t have to pressure anyone to talk to you, but it is important to let people know that you’re there if they need you. Also, knowing what you now know about domestic violence, you can make more people aware of the situation. The first step in making a change is increasing awareness to the issue and awareness to sources of help.

Even if domestic violence is not something that you deal with personally, everyone is affected. For the survivors, there is a lack of productivity which negatively affects the economy. Additionally, billions of dollars are spent annually on medical care and mental health care as a result of domestic violence. In short, the economy takes a strong hit due to this terrible act. One thing that makes domestic violence so terrible is the cyclical nature of it. Children who are a product of domestically violent relationships often suffer the most and can sometimes repeat the actions observed.

Domestic violence is a terrible thing that plagues the world and we are making steps to eradicating this occurrence. However, remember that just because DV awareness has ended, the conversation doesn’t have to.

Your Curl Sister,


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