10 Tips to Make the Most of Homecoming

'Tis the season for homecoming and who doesn’t want to make the most of it? Here are ten tips that can enhance your homecoming experience:

1:Plan ahead. There is so much to do during homecoming and you want to get the full experience. Most times, events are publicized before homecoming begins. You can use this information to decide where and when you’re going to go. Nothing kills more time than trying to find a move. Know your moves ahead of time so you can just go.

2: Eat well and drink lots of water. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the homecoming festivities and forget to take care of yourself. Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance so remember to eat before partying. Also, it is okay to carry a bottle of water with you. I promise you, someone around you is going to wish they had done so.

3: Arrive early. While yes, you have to be fashionably late because you are all fashionistas, don’t be so late as to miss the whole event. Homecoming is a fleeting time and you want to make the most of it. So, enjoy as much of the events as possible.

4: Explore! Every school’s homecoming is a totally different experience. Take the time to go to some events of surrounding schools. This also presents another opportunity to network (which is Tip # 8).

5: Save money. Homecoming is a time full of parties and festivities on and off campus. You will spend money on food, drinks, Ubers, and various other things. Having to constantly count your coins or miss out on things because of lack of funds can sometimes put a damper on things. So, make it your mission to have a Homecoming Fund with money saved specifically for homecoming activities. You can also split costs with the people that you’re with. This will cross one thing off of the list of things to worry about.

6: Dress to impress (yourself). Many photos will be taken and posted on all of your socials so make sure you pull out all the stops for your outfits. However, don’t feel pressured to dress how you think other people will approve of. You will have the most fun when you feel the most comfortable in your own attire so wear what makes you happy.

7: Take pictures and record your memories. This can be one of the most fun times in college so you want to make sure to document it. You will already be dressed to impress so take pictures of every outfit, in every venue, and tons of group photos. There will no doubt be crazy moments so, record them to enjoy later.

8: Network!! Homecoming is a time where everyone (literally everyone) comes together to have a good time. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and grow your network. When you connect with someone, don’t hesitate to trade socials with them to continue to connection after Homecoming. Also, underclassmen, don’t be afraid to ask upperclassmen for advice. This is not their first homecoming so they know how to do it right.

9: Stay safe!! Homecoming is a fun time but can become very dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. Always stay with trusted people. It also can’t hurt to share your location with someone who is not with you, maybe a parent or a long-distance friend. Never stay in situations where you feel uncomfortable. Also, be a good friend and take care of those around you.

10: Enjoy the moment. The number of homecomings that you can enjoy while you are actually a student in college are limited. So, enjoy it while you can. This is the time for you to let loose and destress. Don’t allow the stresses of your academic tasks to prohibit your ability to have fun. You’ve been working hard thus far, now it is time to play hard.

Your Curl Sister,


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