It's Back to School Season: An Open Letter to College Freshmen

Dear Eager College Freshmen,

The time is finally here. It seems as if you’ve been preparing for this moment your whole life. The moment your parents have been getting you ready for, the moment your high school

teachers spent four years tirelessly talking about, the moment you’ve been gearing up for all summer. Your parent dropped you off, and said their goodbyes. Your dorm room is all set up. And now within the blink of an eye you’re in college. The big question is are you ready?

If you’re not quite sure the answer to that question, its okay! The truth is no one is really ready for college. It’s an experience of a lifetime. More importantly it’s YOUR experience, meaning no one can really get you ready for these next four year besides you! Yes, your parents may have prepared you for dorm life, and yes you may have had some people give you advice based on their experiences, but trust me your experience will be completely different from theirs.

Think of college like an amusement park, filled with all different types of rollercoasters. There are so many different things to try out. Everything looks new, fresh, and exciting. Some rollercoasters will take you through the ups and downs of life, some move fast, and some move slow. Just like college. Regardless of which rollercoasters you choose to get on, I think we can all agree that you’ll have a good time.

We all know what they say, “College will be the best four years of your life”. Well I can’t promise that they’ll be the best, but I can promise that they’ll be the most memorable. You’ll make new friends, join some pretty cool clubs, or even start your own. You’ll lose yourself, only to find yourself 10x’s better. You may succeed in all of your classes or you may not, it’s okay it’s only your first year. Regardless of what you do, one thing I’m sure of is that you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. So just breathe, relax, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

With Love,

Your Curlfriend

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