10 Poppin’ Hairstyles to Help You Slay CurlFest

In less than two weeks there will be a sea of curls and coils heading to Randalls Island in New York to laugh with, love on, and share curly tips and tricks with each other at the largest natural beauty festival.

The highly anticipated CurlFest, created by the Curly Girl Collective is an event that you don’t want to miss. If you’re anything like me, then you have absolutely no idea what to do with your hair. Well you’re in luck because Campus Curlz is here to give you 10 hairstyle ideas to help your curls stand out in the crowd!

1. Lets Get Color Crazy!

If you’re looking for a pop of color without the commitment or the possible damaging effects of getting your hair dyed look no further than Hair Paint Wax. This wax is water based, and was specifically created for curly, kinky, and loc’d hair textures. Youtubers such as Naptural85 and Ambrosia Malbrough have both tried it and got amazing results!

2. The Frohawk

CurlFest is the perfect time to try something funky and different with your hair, so why not try the frohawk? A frohawk is just like a mohawk, but with a natural twist.

3. Hair Jewelry

Ice me out! Ice me out! Ice out your hair at CurlFest with some super cute hair jewelry to give your fro some bling! You can always spice up your look with colored bobby pins or hair clips that are super affordable at your local beauty supply store.

4. Wrap it Up

Let’s face it we’re in July, and sometimes this summer heat and humidity is just not our friend. Hair wraps are the perfect accessory that will allow your hair to be up and out of your face, while still keeping it cute.

5. Space Buns

This adorable nostalgic trend is super easy to do and takes little to no time at all. All you need is hair ties, and bobby pins and you’ll have an out of this world hairstyle in seconds! (See what I did there?)

6. Flower Child

Nothing screams festival more than adding some beautiful flowers to your hair. I would suggest going with fake flowers that you can get from the dollar store, because who wants bugs in their hair?! You can add flowers to any style whether it be your fro, juicy twist, or around your bun, they add the perfect little pop!

7. Oh the Places You Will Fro

Natural hair is unique all on its own. The way our hair grows and goes, and swims and sways is like no other. Every head and every texture is different so you’ll still stand out just by rocking your fro!

8. Twist Baby Twist

Twist didn’t dry the night before? Well don’t cry, just leave them in! There are plenty of styles that can be done with twist such as up-do’s, buns, or just leave them down!

9. Braid it Up

We can’t mention twist without mentioning their beloved sister, braids! Don’t want your hair out at all? Then braid it back! Braids are great for keeping your hair contained in this heat, but are also stylish.

10. The Puff

Need a hairstyle that’s quick and easy but still not basic? A puff is perfect if you may be running late to CurlFest or need something that’s fast and won’t have you looking at dozens of tutorials. You can add some pizazz to your puff by adding a geometric pattern at the top without all the numbers and math.

Decided to try any one of these styles? Tag Campus Curlz to show us your hair inspo! See you at CurlFest!

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