Final Season: Tips on Surviving the End of the Semester

It’s officially finals season!!!

If you’re anything like me, someone who stresses just a little too much over their grades but does everything last minute (you know what I’m talking about), then you know everything about what it feels like to be a college student. Am I right or am I right? For some of us, this semester has been very challenging and way too long. For others, this semester sped by just a little too fast because it was that great. Regardless of how you felt about the 2019 spring semester, it’s almost over and congratulations are in order for every accomplishment made regardless of how big or small.

Don’t get too excited though because finals are approaching for many of us and in order to say that we successfully- and ever so gracefully- made it through this semester, we have to get through them finals first y’all! There are so many temptations out here trying to catch us off our A-game such as the warm weather, end of the year activities, and home calling our names- it’s been calling mine since winter break- but trust and believe that preparing for these finals will serve you so much more. Work hard now and play later! We have all summer to be free so why not sacrifice some time now to not only better ourselves but our grades as well. So here are just a few tips below inspired by REAL college students who want to do great. Good luck with finals everyone!

Tip 1: Study in groups, or don’t

Studying is no easy task, trust me, I know this from personal experience. In order to do it effectively though, you have to find out what works for you. This may mean working with 2, 3, or 5 other people or simply just working alone. Don’t feel obligated to study with friends just because they are your friends. The squad can’t take this test for you, only you can. But, if you do find yourself motivated when working alongside other working people, do not hesitate to gather up some friends to get some work done. It helps knowing that there are other people working just as hard as you. Also, they are there for moral support if you do decide to have 30 panic episodes after 1am because you’ve been studying like crazy.

Don’t worry though, you’ll do great!

Tip 2: Find a comfortable study area

Somewhere comfortable and just right to study is so important for any college student. Where you choose to study will determine just how productive you will be and if you aren’t aware of this then you need to get on it ASAP.

Finding such a magical spot will boost your grades, your focus, and even your credit score I swear by it. You just have to know the type of person you are to find a spot that truly suits you. Can you not sit still and concentrate for too long? Does absolute silence tick you off or help you stay focused? Do you need to be isolated or just about close enough to food places and crowds of people? Or is your dorm room the only place you can actually get work done? Whichever works best for you, follow through and stick to it, nothing is worse than not being able to focus when you really need to get work done. Tip 3: Choose your music wisely

Studying with music can always be a hit or a miss. Sometimes the tunes can really keep you focused and then other times you find yourself reciting lyrics

better than you can remember those flashcards (no shade no tea sis). If you are the type of person who does enjoy listening to music while studying, make sure that your music is doing what you intended for it to do, to KEEP YOU FOCUSED! Don't let the fact that Beyoncé finally uploaded Lemonade to Apple Music and Spotify keep you from getting an A. If you need a boost to get you pumped by all means go for it, but if you know you won't study because your playlist is just bop after bop, try out another playlist. Spotify and Apple Music both have curated playlists specifically for studying for those of us who need a little musical support. Check one out right here!

Tip 4: Attend a review session or host your own

You know that spot where the professor lists their office hours that you pay no attention to on the syllabus? Or those emails they send out telling you that their hours have been extended for your benefits? Yeah me neither, but it doesn't hurt to take advantage of them this time around. Whether we choose to acknowledge this fact or not, our professors just want to see us shine. Okay, not all of them but you know which ones do for sure. You may feel a bit uncomfortable asking for help but how else do you expect to understand that one thing you know you just can't get? College is hard out here so why not take advantage of our resources? If attending office hours or review sessions are not your speed you can always host your own. Gather a group of students from class and test each other on how much you guys know. Add a little twist by making it Jeopardy or Family Feud style Studying doesn't always have to be boring you know and trust me, you'll be engaged and educated after this.

Tip 5: Don’t overstudy, take a break if you need to

Studying is great don’t get me wrong, but when you put too much stress on yourself by over studying, you are actually doing more harm than good. When studying for long periods of time you can become restless and suddenly unmotivated. That is why it is important to breaks while studying so that you can remain energized rather than feeling weighed down by the amount of information you are consuming. To keep yourself awake you may walk around to stretch your legs, grab some food, check social media (for no more than 10 mins), or chat it up with a few friends. Just make sure you don’t become too involved in what it is you are doing, it’s just a 10 minute break don’t take too much time.

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