It Ain't No Fun If the Brothers Can't Have None

To the brothers,

The social stigma that surrounds both self love and self care is one that should not at all exist. Though there's no evidence of a correlation between loving one's self and the conceptions of "femininity" or "masculinity", it is almost routine for such phrases like "that's for females" or "that's gay asf" to be heard from men when the idea of pampering yourself is involved. News flash though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to manifest the internal love you feel for yourself on to your physical being.

Self care is not reserved for just women. There is nothing “unmanly” about wanting to nourish the skin you're in because you are in it for a reason right fellas? Traditional masculine norms should not get in the way of the act of self-appreciation and self love. The deterioration of mental health is extremely prevalent in today's generation, especially among young black men. So for us to simply tolerate or sit back and allow for the misconstruing of masculinity, towards black men especially, to further continue will not suffice. Not today, not tomorrow, or any other day for that matter.

You know, some of us just appreciate seeing a brother who grooms himself. Not because we are looking for any eye-candy (okay, maybe just a little bit), but more so because we want our men to look good for themselves. Us ladies do it, so why can’t the fellas? Self care is such a crucial factor to one’s overall life because you just can't be great if you don’t believe that you look and feel as such. Am I right or am I right? Hair, skin, beard, nails and all, they deserve all the love and more regardless of whose body they reside on. There is no shame in a little self care, it is simply a sign that you take care of yourself. We should not allow the stigma associated with self care consume us because in reality, this will result in neglect. Neglect of your physical being as well as neglect of your mental health and lets be honest, who would enjoy either of the two?

So what better way to kick off a little self love than with a fresh hair cut, or maybe a mani-pedi, or even a classic facial mask. The opportunities are endless because regardless of who it is that you are, you are entitled to feel great about yourself. No social stigma should stand in the way of that.

Sometimes the brotha's (yes girl, brotha's) of our community do not get the love and attention they greatly deserve and that is not okay. But right here, right now, and as long as we shall remain, fellas, you are loved and appreciated.

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