Wash Day: Product Review

Discovering my curly hair routine has been a Journey. Switching from product to product trying to find the perfect combination for healthy and defined curls. In college, learning to wear curly hair on a budget and with a crazy schedule was an adjustment. After 3 years of trial and error, these are a list of products that have been a friend or foe to my curly locs.

Aztec Secret | Indian Healing Clay - $9.99 Amazon

  • Brings my curls back! I ditched shampooing and strictly only use this on “wash-day” which is about every one to two weeks depending on my schedule for the week.

  • Simple to create and worth the price for the quality of the product. The jar I have can last me about a month or two depending how often I am cleansing my hair. A plus about this product is that it can also be used on your face as a clay mask. Whenever I mix too much clay mask for my hair I end up using the rest on my face.

  • Down side: It can be a little difficult to rinse out if it dries, depending how long you leave it in. For those of you who do not like the smell of apple cider vinegar, use water instead to mix with water instead for very similar results

  • Note: DO NOT use metal bowl/utensils with this product.

Aussie Conditioner - $7.29 CVS 29.2 oz

  • Following up the cleanser, I use this product to detangle my hair before deep conditioning.

  • Plus: Very inexpensive, and goes a long way. Smells great and has a lot of slip

  • Note: I also use it on my legs when shaving instead of shaving cream for a smoother touch

Murray’s Edgewax - $2.99 Target

  • Lays them edges! I used to swear by gel for my edges but was recommended to try Murray’s Edgewax and absolutely loved it.

  • Really holds the edges down

  • Note: I had some difficulty getting used to laying my edges with this product because it really does slick the baby hairs down, so once they are laid you have to do a bit more manipulating than you would with gel.

Texture ID Styling Creme - $8.99 Sally’s Beauty

  • Closest product i’ve used to a one-stop-shop product. Paired with a light oil as a base to help moisturize my hair better

  • Very good for wash-and-go’s, mine lasted about 3-4 days when using this product (depending on how well my night routine was)

  • Down side: I had to be “heavy handed” and use a lot of product per section

  • The size of the product is comparable to the price but I went through one jar very quickly. It lasted me about 2.5 wash and go’s

Hair Paint Wax - $5-$6 Amazon

  • Love love love this product!

  • I have dark brown/black hair so depending on the color, it can look very vibrant (gold, red, and sometimes silver in the light) but some colors made my hair look dried out (blue)

  • It is a good price for the product size because you can get a lot of uses out of it

  • Be strategic with the colors you buy and you can mix your own new colors too!

  • Would highly recommend to people who want a no-commitment color change to their hair

  • Down side: There IS transfer with the product. Be careful with what colors you are wearing against the clothing you are wearing. However, from my experience it does wash out

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