Temple University's Final Survivor’s Guide

As we approach April (where did the time go?), it is no surprise that stress levels are at an all time high. Great, we’ve conquered midterms, but we now have finals to survive. Whether you’re stressing about that A you want, praying for that C just to receive that passing grade (we’ve all been there or will be there someday) or you’re wishing for something in between, we’re all floating in the same stressful boat amongst the sea of projects, papers, and presentations that seem to never end.

It can be difficult to stay focused during such stressful times, especially when you’d rather be watching binge-worthy shows on Netflix, like Scandal or Stranger Things. However, it’s definitely important to stay focused and maximize our learning for all of this hard work to pay off—literally! So, here’s a Midterm/Finals Survivors Guide for studying and preparing for your upcoming tests:

  1. Begin studying early. Try to maximize your time by studying a little of each section everyday up until the exam.

  2. If applicable, use Quizlet! It is a great source/app for learning content, through the use of flashcards and games.

  3. Don’t be lazy. Maximize any review sessions or office hours that may be held for your classes.

  4. Take breaks while you’re studying—(but don’t get distracted for too long!) This will help relieve any tension or frustration from studying.

  5. Re-read. If there’s a textbook for your class, try re-reading the chapters. You may understand a concept better the second time around.

  6. Form study groups. Help yourself by helping someone else.

  7. Don’t be stubborn. Stop ignoring your professor’s emails with study tips and helpful links. These are sometimes the best indicators of what to expect for the test.

  8. Don’t get too caught up in technical jargon. Try to put things, like definitions and concepts into your own words to reach an effective understanding.

  9. Sleep! Don’t stay up too late stressing about tomorrow’s test. Get a good night’s rest in preparation for test day.

  10. Shoot for confidence. Don’t stop putting in the effort until you can close your notes and confidently say, “I got this.”

Good luck!

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