For The Broken Girls

A piece advocating self-love

There was never anything wrong with a broken halo.

I find it fascinating; our ability

to embody beauty even in our brokenness.

I think it captivating; our ability

to remain powerful even in the midst

of gathering our own shattered pieces.

I think we are, simply amazing.

Who else can hold their peace like a rose

in the middle of the flames of hell,

and still be bold enough to flash a smile?

This goes to the girls

who remain standing tall, erect and firm,

in the midst of their coldest storms,

even as their last flame of faith

is withering and on its way out.

To the girls who know, and have always known

the pain of imperfection.

To the ones who have to wake up

and paint their own sun in the sky- I see you.

I see you, because you are me.

I see you, because I am you.

I feel you, because my spirit is interlocked with yours,

the girl next to you, the girl across the street,

and the one that lives next to you;

because we are a network of soul and of purpose.

Because imperfection has never equated

to unworthiness or even a lack of grace or beauty;

because our imperfections and our broken pieces

were never an indication

that we were inefficient or incapable

of any form of success and

I hope you know that.

These words are my arms folding around you,

and my love making up for what was lost between our cracks.

I love you, even when you can’t find reasons to love yourself.

You are beautiful; you are light, and you have always been

everything that you were ever worried you couldn’t be.

Own that.

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