Valentine’s Day Reflection: Party of One

The day dedicated and reserved for roses, chocolates, and hearts, doesn’t have to come from any other source but YOU! Valentine's Day is our day as women to be pampered just a little more than every other day; and if that means pampering ourselves, then don’t mind if we do!

I mean, who knows you better than you know yourselves, ladies? Only you know that you love your steak cooked just a little longer, your rose bath or shower just right, and the pink rose instead of the traditional red. Only you know that you prefer chocolate covered strawberries, as a opposed to Turtles and mental stimulation as opposed to physical preoccupation.

The life of Valentine’s Day is bred from within, gorgeous woman. Single on Valentine’s Day does not mean that you are excluded and can not participate in V-Day activities. V Day is the day in which you commit any act of self love that you declare is special to you! It is the day in which you define for yourself, what ESPECIALLY loving yourself looks like! Other people are great additions, but YOU are your Valentine first; forever and always.

Treat yourself to a nice dinner, maybe even with the girls! Whether or not you decide to stay home and make it, or go out and buy it, is not important, as long as you’re satisfied. Maybe art is your thing, and you’d like to make a mini mural of your personal embodiment of self-love. It matters not what the day consists of, as long as you run it, and it doesn’t run you!

Buy a rose, and sprinkle some pedals on your bed to end off the day in a romantic rest. This is your day, and you don’t need a co-star!

And if you didn’t get a chance to come across this message of love before or on the day of roses, chocolates and hearts; give yourself a belated Valentine’s WEEK/MONTH in this delightful attitude, to get that self-love pumping on track!

Just remember:

Independent women deliver,

So I’m here to leave you a couple clues,

fulfillment flows from the soul,

so a magnificent V Day is up to YOU!

Perfection are your curves and curls

grace is your essence and style,

tuck the stem of a rose into that hair,

dress yourself up, strut and SMILE!

With love,

Deja Scott


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