It’s Winter… Now What? 3 Things to prevent hair damage in the winter time

If you thought you had to battle your hair in the summertime, the war doesn’t end- its year round. Of course you’ll hear “Don’t go outside with your hair wet, you’ll get sick!” but that’s not your only fear as an natural girl in these winter months. That’s right- our hair can still break off from our wool coats, excessive dry indoor heat, and just plain out messing with it too much (Besides girl, your hair needs a break.) Here’s 3 things you should know to conquer this winter season:

1. Protective Styles

Now you hear this is good for your hair year round, but winter time it’ll help you even more during the winter time so your ends are tucked away and not exposed to anything that will damage it. Protective styling is popular more than ever these days, from feed ins, braids, Marley twists, “Lemonade” braids, and even braided updos are in style these days. Not only do these styles look good, they help you retain length, protect your ends, and helps you avoid breakage.

My personal favs for hair inspiration are @kersti.pitre and @shanillia26 onInstagram. They take styles way out the box and make them unique because who wants to be like everybody else? - Check this out for Kersti’s fun Fulani braid tutorial!

@kersti.pitre- Check her Instagram out if you definitely want a new twists on your everyday styles. Add some color, beads, strings next time!

@shanilla26- Shanilla is a mom of 2 daughters with natural hair in the Netherlands and always goes outside the box when she styles their hair. (take the first pic with she turns two french braids into a masterpiece just by adding gold pins, and the third pic by wrapping gold wire around her bantu knots!) Although they are fairly young, most to all of their styles any age can rock! -Check this video out to find out how Shanilla achieved the Fulani styled updo!

2. Retain Moisture

These are the driest months of the year, and if your hair is anything like mine, maintaining moisture is a constant battle. Things simple as drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day is beneficial to your hair (and skin!) and hydrating your hair at night with your favorite oil or moisturizer helps, as dry air takes away moisture from your hair and skin while you’re sleeping. (Side note: massaging in your oil or moisturizer helps promote hair growth as well!)

3. Deep Condition and make Silk your BFF

As I said before, the dryness is real, inside and outside. Deep conditioning more often (once a week should be good) helps moisture within. The use of silk products- such as a satin pillowcase- can help prevent breakage. And if you’re going to wear those cute winter hats, help your hair by wearing a silk scarf underneath, lining it inside your winter hat, as wool hats can break off your hair as well.

Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment is my personal favorite deep conditioner.

So don’t let the winter own your hair, let your hair own the winter!

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