Campus Food, Not So Bad?

What’s the one thing college students have in common besides stress?—We all love to eat! We eat when we're stressed. We eat when we're bored. We eat when we're hungry. We eat when we're not. Whether you have the taste for a sizzling beef burger or a colorful fresh salad, Temple has got you covered. The plethora of food places on Temple University’s campus definitely ensures that we never go hungry (except while waiting in the everlasting lines of the SAC, of course!). From places like Chick-Fil-A that take meal swipes, to eateries like Blaze Pizza where Diamond Dollars are accepted, Temple makes sure it’s students are satisfied. Nonetheless, the food choices do not stop there. Hardly anyone can walk to class without encountering one of Temple’s well known food trucks that serve a variety of foods. From Chinese food and Halal, to things as simple as delicious fruit smoothies and breakfast sandwiches, you hardly ever run out of options. Our university tries its best to incorporate all eating lifestyles and habits throughout our campus by providing vegan and vegetarian options as well. The Freshman 15 is real, and I'd be lying if I said it only applied to your Freshman year. So, here's a word of advice: If you are looking to make healthier choices, places like Salad Works, Cosi, Crisp Chicken, and Honey Grow, to name a few, are key. They provide tasty, healthier options than the typical fast food places surrounding campus. It is also important to consider the calorie counts that are provided for each meal at these food places as well. Try to make this a habit and not a temporary attempt of "weight watching" during that one week out of an entire semester that you decide to go to the gym. Here at Temple, anywhere you go, you simply cannot go wrong. Happy eating!

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