Doooon't Touch My Hair.

“No, You Can NOT Touch My Hair” - A poem by Autumn Smith

Nothing is more annoying than someone asking,

“Can I touch your hair?”

There’s a fine line between asking and bashing

Bashing the thought of kinky, curly, coiling hair

But if you a sista

Bihhh, you know I don’t care!

Others tend to look and judge

Like my hair, color, and texture are rare

You mistake my hair for a petting zoo

Like I’m an animal

Then go on media and imitate the style I do?

You get more attraction

But I know who wore it better

Your efforts were only a fraction

A black woman’s hair is something vigorous

It carries history, love, and strength

Even if maintaining it is rigorous

No question is a dumb question

With that exception of yours

I'm sorry my hair is your obsession.