5 Gift Ideas for the Naturalista in Your Life

Tis’ the season of gift-giving, warm cups of hot chocolate, and Christmas movies by the fireplace. It is also the season of protective styling, deep conditioning, and oiling more often because our natural fro’s don’t mix with the snow. Fellas, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the naturalista in your life, Campus Curlz has got you covered. Ladies, are you looking for something to stuff into your bestie’s stocking? We’ve got you covered too! Keep reading to find out how you can give the perfect gift this year to those who are natural. (P.S. Our list of gift ideas is budget friendly!)

1. Deep Conditioner

Trust me, you can never go wrong buying a deep conditioner for someone with natural hair. In fact, it is every natural girl's go-to item when their hair is becoming dry and lifeless during the winter months. Deep conditioning is an important part of wash day to ensure that natural hair is healthy; also, it protects the hair from the damage that comes with holiday heat and styling. Deep Conditioners can be found at any beauty supply store, Target and/or Walmart. Pro-tip: Make sure you ask the person you are shopping for which product brand she prefers!

2. Oils

A natural girl can’t live without her weekly dose of hydrating oils. The best types of oils are the ones that penetrate the hair and leave it feeling moisturized. Lucky for you, natural oils are very inexpensive. (They can even be found in your local grocery store.) Try looking for items that say 100% organic or extra virgin!

3. Hair Accessories

Girls are constantly losing hair ties and bobby pins; it’s almost as if they disappear into thin air! Hair accessories are good items to stock up on because you can literally never have too many.

In addition, the naturalista in your life may benefit from having extra wide tooth combs and brushes on hand. She can take her spare accessories with her while she's traveling or have backup when the items are inevitably misplaced. In her mind (and ours), THE MORE THE MERRIER! These items can be also be found at the stores mentioned above.

4. Satin Scarves and Bonnets

Satin scarves and bonnets are essential to keeping natural hair locked with moisture. Unfortunately, traditional cotton pillowcases often suck this moisture out. Satin scarves and bonnets are the key to protecting our edges from the abrasive texture of cotton. Covering our heads with these items help our hairstyles last longer and remain "juicy." While bonnets are worn mostly at night, a satin scarf can be rocked during the day when our twist-out is not quite ready to come down. Similar to hair accessories, you can never have too many! The patterns and styles are endless so you will be sure to find one to fit the natural girl in your life. Be on the lookout for these items at clothing stores, antique shops, and the beauty supply store.

5. Hair Collection Sets

Most natural hair product companies make giving a little easier with holiday hair collections. The 3 in 1 kits usually provide up to three products that are essential for a natural’s hair care routine. Next time you’re in Target or Walmart look for collections of products by Shea Moisture, Cantu, or Carol’s Daughter.

We hope that this guide to gift giving eases the stress of Holiday shopping. May your Holidays and New Year be filled with laughter and cheer! Happy Holidays from Campus Curlz!

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