Finals: How to Make It Out Alive

For most college students, the weeks preceding finals (or midterms) are the hardest of the entire semester. Many students have shifted their focus to not missing their flight back home or what they might be wearing to next 12-2. Here are some tips to reduce the anxiety, relieve the stress and eliminate the frustration of studying for these 100 question tests, projects, and papers.

  1. Keep all previous tests: Tons of professors utilize the EXACT same questions that you've seen on previous test on the final. Studying old test material, opening the textbook and reviewing the content of your notebook will help you resist the urge to focus on unnecessary information.

  2. Study in advance: Reread (and even rewrite) notes you've taken in class; your brain is more inclined to remember handwritten notes. Use Quizlet or Chegg to take online practice tests similar in content as your upcoming exam. Studying for approximately 20 minutes per subject everyday can help you retain and understand information you've received in class.

  3. Office Hours: If you are one of those people who are struggling in your classes, reach out to your professors and go to their office hours. Different from lecturing 100+ students in a lecture hall, office hours give students the opportunity to receive one on one help. In classes of this size, no one wants to raise their hand out of fear of asking a "stupid" question. By visiting your professor's office hours, you give them the chance to get to know you personally. This personal interaction allows them to understand exactly where you are having trouble and how to provide you with the best help.

  4. Study Groups/Library: Study groups are a great way to prepare for finals and/or midterms! Peer to peer interaction is far less intimidating than personalized time with a professor you may perceive as superior. Moreover, your peers may be able to communicate the main concepts of the class in a language that you will understand. Your peers may be able to offer you a different way to approach the information, making it more manageable for you. It is important for you to set aside time to focus on your studies. The library provides a place of "peace and quiet" for you to be fully engaged in your studying. Put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and purposefully limit your distractions.

  5. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: Procrastination is the work of the devil. If you are struggling to pass midterms or finals, it might stem from procrastination. Try complete all assignments the day that they are given to you; this strategy allows you to receive any extra help you may need. Also, it gives you time to focus on other important tasks such as extra-curricular involvement and personal/social time.

  6. Keep Calm!

The ladies and gentlemen of Campus Curlz wish you all the best of luck on your upcoming projects, papers, and exams!

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