4 Poppin' YouTubers You NEED to Know!

We all have those moments where we find ourselves spending countless hours on YouTube. We unapologetically binge watch our favorite online personalities and become absorbed into their videos. In all honesty, it can be quite addicting! To feed that addiction, I have compiled a list of 4 young and poppin’ Youtubers that you need to subscribe to immediately! Continue reading below to find out why these rising stars are gaining popularity in the YouTube community.

1. First up, Kay & Kosh!

Between Trap Music Tuesday’s, talking about their relationships, and how to get a bigger bum, these best friends are a hot topic in the YouTube community. Their fun personalities make their channel welcoming and entertaining to new subscribers. You can expect weekly videos that are filled with life advice and tips as these two are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Consider Kay and Kosh as your new go-to girls for anything girl related!

2. Azaire Robertson

Ever wondered what it was like to live in LA? This brown skinned cutie gives us an inside look of her life through exciting vlogs. Azaire has a keen sense for fashion; she looks out for her subscribers by sharing lookbooks and outfits of the week. She shares beauty tips on how to achieve healthy skin as well as how she cares for her transitioning hair. Be sure to check out Azaire’s channel because she has some videos you don't want to miss!

3. CurlFriendAri :)

Trying to step up your curl game? Arielle, better known as CurlFriendAri, has her subscribers plugged in to the best products and hairstyles for maintaining healthy, natural hair. Her protective styles won't leave you stressed or BROKE trying to keep up with her tutorials. If you're looking for some hairspiration, be sure to subscribe to Ari’s channel!

4. Amani Rakeia

Amani Rakeia is a talented YouTuber who speaks to her subscribers about self love through beautifully written poetry. She is a strong supporter of taking risks and reaching new heights. If you ever need a little encouragement, don't be afraid to head over to her channel. Amani’s refreshing personality is one that will definitely have you hooked on her videos. Don't forget to check out how she makes her homemade face masks that leaves her skin looking flawless!

You can follow these poppin’ YouTubers on Instagram to stay updated on their channels!

  1. Kay and Kosh @kayandkosh

  2. Azaire Robertson @azairerobertson

  3. Arielle @curlfriendari

  4. Amani Rakeia @amanirakeia

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