Are you and a group of hard working, dedicated and goal oriented friends interested in bringing Campus Curlz, Inc to your campus? We pride ourselves in hosting fun and educational events, providing helping hands to our neighboring communities.

What you gain

Leadership | Event Planning | Public Relations & Marketing Experience | Blogging | Community Service |

A Curlhood Like No Other

Requirements for establishing a chapter

Step 1

Define a need for Campus Curlz, Inc. on your campus.

Step 2

Identify potential President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Step 3

Secure an advisor (academic or faculty member at perspective institution) that can assist and support your chapter.

Step 4

Have at least 5 potential members that are interested in joining your chapter.   

Step 5

The potential Chapter President will thoroughly complete our official Campus Curlz, Inc. Application. This form must be completed before you complete the paper work to install a new organization at your perspective institution.